An ideal choice of sulfate fertilizer for farmers

Getting the best from Polysulphate

Polysulphate® fertilizer has a number of key benefits, which makes it an ideal choice of sulfate fertilizer for farmers. It offers the chance to fulfil the potential of a range of crops.

Polysulphate is:

  • A new granular form of sulfur, potassium, calcium and magnesium
  • Readily available – all nutrients in sulfate form for immediate crop use
  • Homogeneous – all granules contain the same nutrient analysis
  • Low in chloride – safe for chloride-sensitive crops
  • Easy to handle, blend and spread
  • Does not change soil pH
  • Natural – is OMRI certified and has a low carbon footprint

Polysulphate Release Rate

Being a natural fertilizer, Polysulphate releases all of its nutrients gradually over the course of a season, matching its release to a crop’s nutrient requirement at various growing stages. This provides a consistent release of essential nutrients when crops need it most and limits the likelihood of leaching essential nutrients from the root zone in lighter, sandy soils.

Advice for Corn, Soybeans and Wheat

Polysulphate can be applied in one application prior to planting, at planting or side-dressed shortly after planting. Polysulphate can supply all required sulfur, calcium and magnesium needs, while supplementing low chloride potassium. Polysulphate call also be used as a Fall fertilizer to build essential nutrients for the following season.

Advice for Fruit and Vegetable Row Crops

Polysulphate can be banded or broadcast then incorporated into planting beds or shortly after crop emergence. Polysulphate releases low-chloride potassium, sulfur, calcium and magnesium for optimal quality and yield.

Advice for Permanent Crops

Granular and Standard Polysulphate can be banded under drip emitters or jet sprayers to deliver essential nutrients and improve soil structure.