Issue 11 2019
Towards 2020: reflections for refreshed vision
Join us at this year’s end as we take a moment with you to reflect on what has happened for the Polysulphate family of products over the last twelve months and look ahead with clarity at all the opportunities in store.
Growing from strength to strength

As you will know from the updates throughout 2019, Polysulphate – in three granule sizes of granular, mini granular and standard and in combination with other nutrients in PKpluS and PotashpluS – is well-established in the ICL Fertilizers FertilizerpluS collection. But this year, the Polysulphate family of products grew even bigger with the arrival of Polysulphate Premium.

ICL Boulby – the first and only polyhalite mine in the world – has successfully stepped up productivity to record levels to meet the fast-growing demand.
Polysulphate Premium, shaped in beautiful uniform spheres, is the new member of the ICL FertilizerpluS family.
Making an event of what we offer

The farming world wants to hear what we have to say about precise, targeted and balanced nutrition. We have been sharing the Polysulphate story at more conferences, workshops, field days and dealer events than ever.

From Brazil to Indonesia, from Mexico to the UK and from Kenya to USA, with our colleagues and collaborators we have been on hand to give information and advice to help farmers make informed fertilizer choices based on everything we can show of what Polysulphate will deliver.

In China, at the many supply chain events we’ve held, we have been hearing dealers explain how it is a pleasure for them to be recommending a crop nutrition product that is so effective and environmentally beneficial. Also, in China, we were delighted at the success of the IPI Symposium on potash and polyhalite in Kunming which drew fertilizer scientists and thought-influencers from dozens of countries to discuss and get inspired.
Citrus farmers field day at Nanping, Guangxi Province, China. September 2019.
Looking ahead and looking good

The film ‘The Polysulphate Story’ was released in March and has since been translated into many languages. We released films of farmer testimony from UK – one about a man who is both a farmer and Polysulphate miner. We also published a film from the coffee fields of Colombia.

With the rising interest in PotashpluS, we made a film to explain the process of bringing potash together with Polysulphate into a unique combination of nutrients.

Towards the year’s end, we also wanted to feature the professionals in the supply chain from mine to field. We were particularly pleased to focus on the port team at ICL Teesport, UK, who work around the clock to get our Polysulphate loaded onto ships – large and small – ready for delivery around the world. They showcased how they have adopted a powerful culture of health and safety in the workplace.
ICL Teesport team in UK, where ICL FertilizerpluS products are shipped to fertilizer manufacturers and farmers around the world.
Snappy happy

We love to see photos and film of Polysulphate at work. With the pictures from our global team of agronomists, and the facts with the photos, we have been able to share, for example, the pre-planting application on potatoes in India, post-establishment spreading on ornamental flowers in China, top-up nutrition of tomatoes in Colombia, much-improved yield of corn in Poland and the first shipment of Polysulphate to arrive in the port of Mombasa, Kenya.
Receiving the first vessel of Polysulphate in Kenya, November 2019.
We will continue to share evidence from farmers and our field teams in 2020 so that we can keep spreading the story of the benefits that Polysulphate brings to crops and to farmers and their businesses around the world.
These rice paddy plants fertilized with Polysulphate (right) are 8-10 cm taller than those grown according to farmer’s practice (left). From a trial in Karawang, Jawa Barat, Indonesia. April 2019.
We thank you for being a part of our fertilizer family and offer each and every one of you, our Missive readers, the sincerest greetings for the season.
We wish you all the best for 2020, in life and your important work with us in agriculture
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Mined in the UK, ICL is the first – and only - producer in the world to mine polyhalite, marketed as Polysulphate