Issue 2 2018
Another step, another organic registration for Polysulphate™
Standard Polysulphate: a natural, sustainable organic fertilizer.
Being put under scrutiny can be a nerve-wracking experience. Having to submit evidence, answer questions and provide explanations can get some people hot under the collar. However, with the registration processes for accreditation of Polysulphate for use in organic agriculture we have nothing to be worried about.

In fact, we are getting experienced at it. Seven countries - UK, France, USA, Canada, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands - have approved Polysulphate as a fertilizer for organic production. The latest country to join that list, and the easternmost, is Israel.

Passing the test

As you are well aware, to be able to sell and label your farm produce as organic you have to prove that every input is registered for use in your organic production. Farmers go through accreditation processes to be registered and approved as an organic farmer. It’s no surprise that there is an equally strict control system with checks carried out at every stage of the organic chain for every input that any supplier offers for use organically.

It’s like a mathematical equation: evidence + completed paperwork + full application + (with a little time passing) = registration complete. Now we can share the news with you that Polysulphate Standard and Polysulphate Granular is registered for use in organic farming in Israel.

Truly natural fertilizer

We have a simple story to share: Polysulphate is a truly natural fertilizer. From mining below ground in Cleveland, UK Polysulphate is brought up to the surface and simply crushed, screened and bagged ready for transport in the supply chains to farms. With no chemical separation or any complex industrial process necessary we have a refreshingly easy explanation to give. We can draw on the testimony of farmers too to describe why they are attracted to use Polysulphate fertilizer in the first place and then what they see in their fields and crops. We are capturing some of this for you. For example, see this short film from Israel about investigating the advantages of using Polysulphate with organic bananas.

If you look at the estimates of the size of organic production in Israel, about 1.5% of Israeli output, you might think that there is not very much to be excited about. But read this statistic: organic production contributes over 10% of agricultural exports and is increasing. That is why organic registration of Polysulphate for organic farming in Israel is very good news indeed - and well worth undergoing scrutiny.
A view of the organic banana plot where standard Polysulphate is being tested in South Israel. See a short film on this trial.
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Mined in the UK, ICL is the first – and only - producer in the world to mine polyhalite, marketed as Polysulphate