Issue 3 2017
Mini Granular Polysulphate:  Small is beautiful
New grade: Mini granular Polysulphate
There’s often still a lot of truth in the old sayings. Take the phrase “small is beautiful”. It focuses our attention on the potential of the tiny. It encourages us to recognise that in the smallest detail we can find both beauty and power.

That’s certainly true of our new Mini Granular Polysulphate (the granules are 1-2mm in size). We have several reasons for launching this new small scale version of our 4-in1 fertilizer from ICL. But the overall aim is to help the practical application of Polysulphate in a very important sector where the growing conditions have to be micro-managed for perfection: greenhouses and horticulture.

Mini Granular Polysulphate has big advantages
Growers who use the new granule find the following advantages:
  • easily direct-applied in field, greenhouses and horticulture
  • good for manual or mechanical spreading
  • suitable for mixing with other similar size fertilisers
  • ideal for applying in greenhouse seedbeds or planting lines
All this and more
In addition, our new mini granules have all the positive features of the larger size granules in the Polysulphate range. These beneficial characteristics are as relevant to growers producing crops in protected environments as they are to other scale field crops.

To help you to share all the facts we have produced a summary of the features of Mini Granular Polysulphate.
Packed with Polysulphate potential
For example, the "minis" can be used in greenhouses to apply 4 nutrients in only one basal application to provide sulphur, potassium, calcium and magnesium. This is instead of supplying these nutrients through multiple fertilizer applications during the growing season. In this way the farmer saves on work time and materials – as it is applied only once to the crop.

Taking the mini granule to the max
Whether you have moments, minutes, or even longer, it is straightforward to describe and explain the benefits of Polysulphate, whatever the granule size.

With Mini Granular Polysulphate, as is the case with so many other important things in life, small is indeed beautiful.
Polysulphate grades: Mini Granular, Granular and Standard (left to right)
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Mined in the UK, ICL is the first – and only - producer in the world to mine polyhalite, marketed as Polysulphate™