Issue 1 2017
Groundsmen and greenkeepers winning with Polysulphate
ProTurf fertilizer (containing Polysulphate) was tested on the rugby pitches at Sedbergh School.
Kick off time
We’re kicking off the New Year with news for you of some very speciality use of Polysulphate. Crops for consumption by people or animals may often be our main focus but our natural fertilizer, polyhalite, is just as powerful in nurturing the plant that provides the foundation for quality sporting activity: grass.
Talking turf
Turf in sports stadiums, on golf courses, and playing fields has to withstand considerable wear and tear. Players have to be in tip top condition but so does the playing surface. The grass needs to be robust - in part that comes from variety - but the full potential of the grass to withstand wear and tear will only be reached if it is carefully nourished with the right diet and care. While all eyes will be on the players, the ground staff has their eyes sharply focussed on the pitch. 
Easter Moffat Golf Club uses ProTurf fertilizer (containing Polysulphate) on the stunning 18 hole course in Airdrie, Scotland.
Pitching up
It was the pitch at ICL’s popular Pitch Focus event about Pro Turf (high-quality, blended controlled release fertilizers containing Polysulphate, from ICL Specialty Fertilizers) that attracted the attention of groundsman Martin South, from Seburgh School in the north west of the UK. It is a school with a reputation of nurturing talent that goes on to perform at international level.
“I’d seen a lot about ProTurf and heard about its great colour and the fact that it has polyhalite in it, so I thought it was worth a trial”, he explains in a feature on the ICLSF website. “We picked some average grass to conduct the trial on, and at the end of the 16 weeks we found that ProTurf provided excellent colour, stronger turf and better coverage in comparison to what we were already using.”
On course to keep golfers happy
Feeding in to groundsmen and greenkeepers willingness to experiment and trial new products is an important way to demonstrate the potential of our products. In an example from Scotland, Scott Fraser, head greenkeeper at the renowned Easter Moffat Golf Club, comments on the success of trialling and then using ICL products on the stunning eighteen hole course in his care in Airdrie, Scotland. “I use ProTurf on my tees and approaches - it’s been excellent and produces good colour.”
Win-win situation
Our careful demonstration and explanation of the power of our products to the key decision makers in the field is what matters. In this sporting instance we give groundsmen and greenkeepers the tools to help the playing surface in their care withstand all the exertions of the match itself, and quickly recover ready for the next event. Wherever the match - field, course or stadium - and whatever the sport - football, golf or rugby - we are happy to be part of these winning teams, in 2017 and beyond.
The beautiful cricket pitch at Sedbergh School.
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Mined in the UK, ICL is the first – and only - producer in the world to mine polyhalite, marketed as Polysulphate™