Issue 12 2016
Social get up and go - reviewing where we’re going
The professional use of social media in agriculture and related industries in many parts of the world is high. The amount of time that we all spend at our screens - from phone size to desktop - is rising. So in this edition of the Missive we thought we would update you on how social we are at Polysulphate, across all the important platforms, and why we’d like more of you to hear and see, join and enjoy. Together we can share and steer even more conversations about our Polysulphate products and services.
Being content with the content
With social media there is a balance to be struck. Professional use of social media still needs to draw on the personal touch. This is because what interests us about what other people have to say is the human interest factor. Social media is no different.
The most successful professional users of social media are able to draw on personality and connections to make a film on YouTube, a post on Facebook or a tweet on Twitter attractive, engaging and more likely to be shared.
Neat to Tweet
In a noisy world a short, clear and memorable phrase is more likely to be heard than a complex technical message. Tweets provide an easy way to be connected and updated, even inspired. That’s what farmers like. Farmers are great Tweeters. For example, the proportion of UK farmers that use Twitter is amongst the highest in the world.
Our Twitter account - @Polysulphate ( - has almost 3500 followers. Each tweet - which can have no more than 140 characters - is viewed by a mix of farmers, advisors, organizations and others in our growing group of followers.
Every tweet from us has links, photos, hash tagged topics and sometimes all of those. Follow us to see what we do and link to.
Linking up with Facebook
Our Facebook page has more than 30,000 likes.

The most powerful thing about our social media activity is the way that we can use it to link to further detail and explanation. Recent analysis shows that over 80% of links from social media to our website are coming through Facebook. The technical pages, the news and even the contact page can all be linked.
The future of film is mobile and the future of mobile is film
YouTube is fast moving up the rankings as a social media platform. The human brain can process film many, many times faster than we can process words. That makes sense if you remember that the written word is, in the history of mankind, a relatively recent innovation.
The Polysulphate film collection is hosted on our own Polysulphate YouTube channel ( Our films have had 8000 views in the last six months. Our viewers are watching and finding the films by searching, as a recommendation after watching something similar or, directly referred by a link from social media or from another web page.
Subscribe to our YouTube channel and you will see when there’s a new film, and feel free to share links to the existing films in your social media networks.
Return on investment
As you can see, we use analytics to track and analyse our output on social media and the action it triggers and inspires. We would like to grow our social media presence to start and steer more conversations about Polysulphate and how it contributes to better productivity.
It’s in your hands. Or rather it’s at your fingertips:
In short, join us. Share the conversations with your professional networks to show and share ever more widely what we do. We’d like that.
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