Issue 17 2017
Merry Missive ending 2017
With the seasonal holidays almost upon us, it is a time to look forward to enjoying the company of family and friends. It is also a time to reflect on this year and to prepare for the next. In our reflections on 2017 there are a handful of highlights that come to mind from the last 12 months.

We’ve been delighted by the coverage of Polysulphate in words, by lots of key articles, and in pictures in the photo galleries on the Polysulphate website. The image of the team at Boulby Mine in UK as they brought the millionth ton of Polysulphate to the surface is one we will always treasure.

We have expanded our reach by making information about how much Polysulphate to apply within easy reach: on smart-phones and tablets in the Polysul-fit Polysulphate calculator app for Apple and Android devices. Being accessible, with a few taps from fingertips, is taking our products and services to where farmers and advisors need us most: in the field.

Another way we have expanded our reach is through the growing number of countries where Polysulphate is approved for use in organic agriculture. A high point for us in 2017 was when the Low Country of Netherlands gave this approval.

So for these and many other reasons we can reflect on 2017 as being a good year. To convey our season’s greetings to you here’s something we’d like you to see. It comes with our appreciation of all your involvement with Polysulphate and good wishes for the New Year ahead.
We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,
from the whole Polysulphate team
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Mined in the UK, ICL is the first – and only - producer in the world to mine polyhalite, marketed as Polysulphate