Issue 8 2019
Sweet success: latest crop trial results prove Polysulphate benefits
More with less is a snappy catchphrase. But to a farmer, producing more and better crops with less inputs, less cost and less risk is what makes all the difference to profitability and sustainability. That’s where prolonged multi-nutrient crop nutrition with Polysulphate comes in. To prove it, we gather trial results in a wide range of crops in many countries.

Producing more with more evidence of Polysulphate benefits

Now we want to share with you the news that our crop results library has grown again. We can signpost evidence of the benefits from Polysulphate in five more trials with tomatoes, sugar cane, rice and potatoes in China and USA. This addition brings the total number of trials results summarized on our website in a handy easy-to-read format to nearly forty.
Gathering the evidence to improve farmer practice

Compared with farmer practice, the trial results show that Polysulphate lifted crop yields significantly. The experiments showed 15% increase in potato yield in US trial (potato trial sheet); 5.5% increase in rice yield in US trial (rice trial sheet); 4.5% increase in sugar cane yield in US (sugar cane trial sheet); and up to 14% increase in tomato yield in Chinese trials on sandy fluvisol soil (tomato trial sheet), and fluvisol soil (tomato trial sheet).The full results, including summaries of exactly what farmer practices Polysulphate was compared with, are available to either to browse or download.

Going back to the catchphrase ‘more with less’, we encourage you to be part of the process that helps farmers produce more through hearing more evidence and information on the benefits of using Polysulphate.
Polysulphate application increased marketable yield by 15% of potato 'Russet Burbank’ grown in central Wisconsin, USA (2018).
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Mined in the UK, ICL is the first – and only - producer in the world to mine polyhalite, marketed as Polysulphate