Issue 1 2019
Start the New Year with a new multi-tool at your fingertips
We all like multi-tools. A pocket knife plus extras, a smartphone that lets us talk, browse, take photos and film, or a drinks machine that delivers that perfectly blended cup of tea or coffee - we like smart and easy-to-use multi-tools that help us with everyday tasks.

Choosing and using fertilizer is an everyday task for millions of farmers around the world. That’s why we have developed a new multi-tool Polysulphate App: to help farmers make the decision to choose and use Polysulphate.

Two fertilizer tools in one Polysulphate App

The new Polysulphate App contains two tools. Both these tools help a farmer – or their advisor – with accurate information and calculations.

aPolyBlend: use this tool to create and compare fertilizer blends with Polysulphate. Choose from the selection of nineteen crop nutrition ingredients to create new fertilizers with the power of Polysulphate. Match crop needs with targeted, precise crop nutrition solutions for maximum plant productivity and profitability. Compare the different blends created with PolyBlend for nutrient composition and cost per unit.

aPolyProfit: use this tool to predict the potential increased profits of using Polysulphate.Choose the crop and enter the cropped area then add the market value of the harvest expected from that area. PolyProfit compares the crop performance from using a fertilizer with Polysulphate compared with a blend without Polysulphate. It predicts yield increase and boost to profits from harnessing the power of Polysulphate in the crop nutrition strategy.

Start the New Year with the best tools for the fertilizer job

The Polysulphate App is the new way to create and compare fertilizer blends to maximise yields and predict the profit increase from targeted and precise crop nutrition with Polysulphate.

With our App and PolyBlend and PolyProfit you can begin this New Year with a terrifically useful fertilizer multi-tool kit on your tablet or the phone in your pocket.

For Android devices, download the Polysulphate App on Google Play  

For iPhone and iPad, download the Polysulphate App from the App Store
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Mined in the UK, ICL is the first – and only - producer in the world to mine polyhalite, marketed as Polysulphate