Issue 9 2017
Demonstrating Polysulphate fertilizer solubility
Watch our latest short film "Demonstrating Polysulphate fertilizer solubility with a rain simulator".
When explaining how and why Polysulphate is so effective in delivering essential plant nutrients to plant roots we often mention solubility. It is hard for farmers and advisors to see this solubility at soil level. But we can show it in a laboratory and that is just what we have done and filmed to share with you.

In the test, Granular Polysulphate is held in a tray and over a period of 160 hours it is ‘rained’ on. The simulated rainfall is at a rate of 10mm per hour. Almost all of the Polysulphate has dissolved in this time; the nutrients are released for plant uptake.

The test was performed at ICL's Institute for Research and Development (IMI-TAMI) in Haifa, Israel.

You can see the test for yourself in the film Demonstrating Polysulphate fertilizer solubility with a rain simulator on our YouTube channel. Of course in the field the dissolve will happen at a different rate depending on the actual rainfall or irrigation water applied but the message whatever the situation is the same: as Polysulphate dissolves it steadily releases nutrients at a rate that the growing crop can absorb and utilize.
A laboratory demonstration using a rain simulator shows clearly how Polysulphate fertilizer dissolves.
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Mined in the UK, ICL is the first – and only - producer in the world to mine polyhalite, marketed as Polysulphate