Issue 4 2018
Make this your Fertilizer Fashion Week
One of the highlights in the calendar of clothes design is the fashion weeks that are held in the capitals of apparel. Milan, London, New York all have their turn. This month it is the Paris Fashion Week. Designers are parading their collections for buyer, writers and wearers to see what is on offer.

The link to fertilizers? Yes, there is one! Like clothing, fertilizers come in collections, with different components and uses. There are intricate differences to understand to help make the best choice for the season, the soil and the crop. We can now direct you to the comprehensive fertilizer collection catalogue, now available to download, that showcases the fertilizer collection from ICL Fertilizers Europe.
At a glance the characteristics of Polysulphate - whether granular, standard, mini granules - ICL PKpluS and other fertilizers can be understood and compared. There is also some testimony from a Polysulphate user, German farmer Michael Zapf. You can hear more from him in the film we made with him.

Another useful download is the new brochure including the main features of PK premium granulated fertilizers with Polysulphate technology, ICL PKpluS. This includes easy-to-understand advice on guide application rates and creating the right synergy between plant nutrients to achieve maximum growth.

It is good to feel that in many parts of the world the interest in the performance and cost-effective use of fertilizers is growing. Choosing and using Polysulphate is a trend that is gaining in popularity.

Just as quality clothing makes the wearer look (and feel) good, Polysulphate makes crops look (and grow) good. For that reason, the use of Polysulphate is going to stay in fertilizer fashion.
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Mined in the UK, ICL is the first – and only - producer in the world to mine polyhalite, marketed as Polysulphate