Issue 10 2017
Watermelon: the ultimate juicy fruit
Polysulphate trial at Kahang, Johor, Malaysia. The watermelon plants with Polysulphate application had more shoots & much bigger leaves.
Juicy, gently sweet and truly refreshing: who would not want a slice of perfect watermelon? Producing plenty of those perfect watermelons is proving to be a little easier thanks to Polysulphate.

Gaining a third more fruit
Sandy loam soil in the Kahang area of Johor state, Malaysia is potentially ideal for watermelon. However what can hold the crop back from maximum yield is a lack of adequate crop nutrition. A trial comparing standard fertilizer application with the standard plus Polysulphate has just finished, and it has produced bumper results: a 33% increase in yield on the Polysulphate plot.
The Polysulphate plot produced 33% more yield than the control plot. Season's yield was abnormally low due to bad weather (heavy rains during planting and extremely dry during flowering and fruiting stage), in addition watermelon crop was continuously grown for 5 seasons  in the same plot on a very sandy soil.
Location of the trial at Kahang, Johor State, Malaysia (from Google Maps)
Proof of Polysulphate not just in the fruiting
The significant jump in yield was no surprise. Even in early growth stages, the plants with Polysulphate showed minimum mortality and less root fungus infection. There were more good signs in later growth stages: bushy plants with bigger leaves that were thicker and less curled. At the end, better fruit quality (bigger size) and shelf life were achieved.

Finding that perfect equation
“Give the soil the best and then the sun can do the rest”. OK, that is simply put. Water melon farming is, in reality, far more complex that than that, of course. However, for any farmer knowing you have provided your crop with complete and steadily-releasing nutrition is reassuring. Seeing it grow vigorously and resiliently is a relief. The additional revenue - the reward of a good return on investment in Polysulphate - is the sweetest result of all.
Malaysian farmer holding 15 kg watermelon, one of his largest ever grown. After adding Polysulphate, the yield doubled compared to his last season.
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