The four pillars of Polysulphate in just thirty seconds

25 February 2016

There is a lot to say to explain the power of our Polysulphate fertilizer to unlock plant potential and produce great growth. However we think that it can be done in just thirty seconds and would like to share with you our new short film that condenses the Polysulphate story into this short and snappy timeframe.

Four is a magic number
Polysulphate contains 4 vital nutrients in one pure crystal to boost the growth of plants: Sulphur, Potassium, Magnesium and Calcium. In the film the focus to enforce the power of four pillars is an image of the feet of the world famous Eiffel Tower in Paris. There is also mention of the four points of the compass as well as the four seasons in farming in the temperate regions of the world.

One and only
The remarkable characteristic of Polysulphate is that all these four vital plant nutrients are contained in each and every one of these naturally occurring crystals. As ICL Fertilizers we are the only producer of Polysulphate, the trade name for this unique polyhalite fertilizer.

Making the most of being multimedia
In recent times we have been making more of the film strand of our multimedia strategy. This latest film is added to our film collection on the Polysulphate YouTube channel. The most popular of our films are those of the German farmer and English farmer each explaining how using Polysulphate has benefitted their crops and their business.

For the espresso version of key Polysulphate facts there is now this short and snappy story to see and to share. Watch the film for yourself. It won’t take a minute. In fact in a minute you can watch it twice.