Sharing our global view

26 November 2015

The need for the world to increase agricultural production is often in the headlines. In newspapers, on television and through radio the question often asked is ‘how can farmers produce higher yields of crops from the same or even less farmed land’? Our role is share our global view of the importance of careful use of balanced fertilizer.

The story of fertilizer through film
In our latest film Polysulphate - Our Global View we explain how our versatile, natural Polyhalite fertilizer, exclusively produced by ICL, is helping meet the global demand for increased agricultural production.

In just a few minutes of viewer’s time, the story unfolds explaining where this natural fertilizer is from, how we produce it and deliver it to farmers’ fields on every continent.

Understanding what crops need
In many countries soil science is revealing that cultivated soils are deficient in key elements essential for healthy plant growth. Over time, particularly with high yielding varieties of crop, the ‘hungry’ plants draw out more sulphur, potassium, magnesium and calcium than is being replaced by the conventional fertilizers that farmers frequently choose to use. Polysulphate has four nutrients in one single crystal: sulphur, potassium, magnesium and calcium; and makes a major difference to the quantity and quality of harvest for a wide range of crops, from fruits to grains and grasses to vegetables.

Sharing the science
Based on sound science and the results of soil tests farmers can identify what spectrum of fertility is available in the soil. That can be matched to the needs of the crop about to be planted or already growing. This is the point when the deficit can be rectified by the right choice of fertilizer and then carefully applying the balanced nutrition that is found in Polysulphate at the right time in the growth stage and within easy reach of the plants roots. The understanding of the importance of regular and precise soil testing is growing.

Farmers share their experience
The experiences of farmers who are using Polysulphate in their fields is compelling to watch. In our Polysulphate film collection we already have a film of a German farmer and a film of an English farmer sharing why and how they use Polysulphate - and the results. We’re delighted that we are able to use film to share our global view of Polysulphate through the medium of film. We want more and more farmers to hear the evidence. When it comes to increasing agricultural production sustainably we’re happy to be part of the solution the world needs.