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  • 2016




Banana (Musa acuminata)

Soil Type

Ultisol, high clay content (430 g kg-1 of clay)


Fertilizer application: November 2016
Harvest: August 2017


Yield, vigor of bunches, and diameter of stems

Polysulphate increases the vigor and crop productivity of banana - even in high fertility soils.


Juquiá, São Paulo state, Brazil


To evaluate the effect substituting KCl fertilizer with Polysulphate as a source of K has on the yield and quality of banana.


This randomized block trial consisted of four replicates with eight treatments. Different blends of KCl and Polysulphate were tested to supply 360 kg K2O ha-1:

  1. Control, without K application
  2. 100% KCl
  3. 80% KCl + 20% Polysulphate
  4. 60% KCl + 40% Polysulphate
  5. 50% KCl + 50% Polysulphate
  6. 40% KCl + 60% Polysulphate
  7. 20% KCl + 80% Polysulphate
  8. 100% Polysulphate

The fertilizers were applied onto the soil surface at two times: first in November 2016; second in January 2017. 100 kg P2O5 ha-1 as MAP and 250 kg N ha-1 as ammonium nitrate were applied at the same time in all treatments.


  • Polysulphate increased the vigor of bunches and slightly increased the diameter of stems.
  • Partial replacement of KCl by Polysulphate increased crop productivity.
  • The KCl: Polysulphate blends with 50% to 60% Polysulphate led to the greatest increases, even in high fertility soils.


* From research funded by the International Potash Institute