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About ICL - Agriculture

ICL is a leading provider of potash, phosphate fertilisers and technology-rich specialty fertilisers – critical inputs that farmers need to increase their yields and improve the quality of their crops.

Potash and Phosphate Fertilizers
We are one of the world’s largest producers of potash and an integrated producer of a variety of products based on phosphate rock, including phosphate fertilisers, phosphoric acid and animal feed additives. We are the 6th largest potash producer in the world and the 2nd largest in Western Europe. We are also the largest producer of PK fertilisers (compound potash and phosphate fertilisers) in Europe. Our major markets include Europe, Brazil, India and China.

Specialty Fertilizers
ICL Specialty Fertilizers (ICLSF), a Business Unit within ICL Fertilizers, produces and markets an extensive range of proprietary high-quality products within the sectors:

Nursery stock, perennials, pot & bedding plants

  • Controlled Release Fertilisers (CRF)
  • Slow Release Fertilisers (SRF)
  • Water Soluble Fertilisers (WSF)
  • Growing Media
  • Plant Protection Products (PPP)

Fruit, vegetables & arable crops

  • Controlled Release Fertilisers (CRF)
  • Fertigation Fertilisers: Liquid NPK, Water Soluble NPK, Water Soluble Single Fertilisers
  • Foliar Fertilisers: Liquid NPK, Water Soluble NPK, Tailor-Made Fertilisers

Golf courses, sportsfields & landscape

  • Controlled Release Fertilisers (CRF)
  • Water Soluble Fertilisers (WSF)
  • Grass Seeds
  • Plant Protection Products (PPP)